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Being a friendless fucktard's Journal
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
2:27 am
2 Friends down 2 to go eh !!
I find it utterly bemusing how I can be some really cool person purely for saying it like I see it, to being "a cunt" in just 2 months, despite not having altered one single bit as a person.
Of course the truth is I haven't altered, it's just that some fucking people who can't take a gentle ribbing from me should not even get out of BED in the morning. Get this for logic "If you don't like my LJ then don't read it"....errr.....so then posting a fucking great paragraph full of ill-judged, ill thought out reactionary bullshit about ME in MY LJ adheres to that logic does it ?!
I talk about porn and admit I watch it ooooooooooooooh !! Fucking shoot me !!! To then think that this means I have no respect for women is RETARDED.

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
12:10 pm
Who needs friends anyway??
Tonight I will have a bollocking at work. Watch everyone relish the opportunity to slag me off royally. Even the ones I stuck up for when they were in the same boat.
I wish I had the energy to not let it get to me tonight.
Or the firearms, one of the two.

Current Mood: drained
Friday, July 29th, 2005
11:54 pm
Same again
As usual, the weekly feeling of dread is upon me whereby I'm more or less FORCED to go to richard's tomorrow night to watch some dvds, and FORCED to phone him to let him know when I'll be over. How about "I don't want to leave my flat thanks, bye". Could any phone call or sentiment ever be fucking simpler ?? This however is not a permitted option. As usual I just cannot fucking win. If I phone and say I don't feel like coming out "WHY", then the usual whine whine whine in my earhole. If I don't phone at all purely to avoid this I'll get it just as bad for not phoning. WTF !!!!

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
11:25 pm

Seeing as I don't have posh membership and I'm not going to waste my money on that, simply click about and magically your computer will be infected with the sweet sounds of my mood lately.

Current Mood: blah
11:04 pm
Relief of being on my own
I was watching a thing on 4 tonight called "Step kids don't ruin my wedding". I was reminded just how fortunate I am not to be

a) married
b) lumbered for the rest of my life with screaming, wallet draining shitbags

The first man in the sets of couples they followed had been married 3 TIMES. WTF ???!!!!! What the fuck is it with these serial marriers ?? I really think after you fuck your first marriage over (and let's face it most people will) you should ADMIT DEFEAT. Not just go onto another one all like "oh well THIS time it'll be different cos..." COS...cos WHAT ??!!! Somehow none of the stupid fucking faking it shit of marriage things will exist the next time around ??? Yes I know there's couples in their 80's and "we've been married 300 yeeeeears" well yeah, this is BECAUSE, you stupid fucktards, THEY LIVED IN A MUCH NICER ERA. Without computers, and mobile phones and "oop, better stop sending these saucy e-mails". Where technology pervades every corner of your life don't expect to have any secrets anymore. Somehow, some way, you will be found out - if not directly then indirectly. Well at least most of the time. And since MOST marriages fail anyway, why ever waste such a fucking stupid amount of time and money even bothering with all that shit. "We're going to have fun kids....we're GOING to have fun"......ooooh...remind me what I'm missing out on again...??

Current Mood: content
10:54 pm
The more things evolve the more they....don't
MY FIRST POST. Thanks for joining me Justine, I do hope you're right with me on that blurb I put up. And let me assure you, any of the get-along gang follow your arse along here stones will be hurled !!! I think I'll change the blurb right now just incase.

Current Mood: awake
8:37 pm
Fuck you! Now you're not on your own in this community :P

('tis a great idea, but I'll never admit it, heh)

Current Mood: bitchy
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