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beingfriendless's Journal

Being a friendless fucktard
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YES !! It is my very own community, created because no linkage appeared for my interest of "being a friendless fucktard", so I created a stupid LJ community so that maybe one day it will.
Friends, aren't they great ? NO. Mostly shallow, back-stabbing, 2-faced cuntfucks whose self-interest is the only thing they serve. And can you rely on them, after, say, a psycho girlfriend ?? No you fucking well can't. Join me if you sit at home on your own through CHOICE, so that no fucker even gets the opportunity to let you down. Also if you're up all night on the internet like a sad addict (like me). Also if you just can't make friends because unlike a lot of people you actually REALISE "hey - I'm crap !!"
If any member of this group is EVER spotted posting "*HUGS*", "*hugglez*" or any form of that vapid cocksucking bullshit expression I will immediately kick your fucking scrawny horse-raped arse out of here. Just as soon as I've found out how.......
YEAH !!!